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10 tips to note when visiting the Belvedere Palace

The Belvedere Palace in Vienna is one of the most renowned art museums in the world. The three zones of the museum- the Lower Belvedere, the Upper Belvedere, and the Belvedere 21, collectively house over 800 years of art history. The Lower Belvedere Palace features landmark pieces of Viennese Modernism and temporary exhibitions depending on when you visit. In addition to its art, the Belvedere is famous for its Baroque architecture, making it a must-visit in Vienna. Read on to learn more about how to make the most of your trip to the Belvedere. 

10 tips to note when visiting the Belvedere Palace

Belvedere Palace Tips

1. Take your time to explore

Make sure you have around 5 hours handy for a trip to the Belvedere, as each of the three zones housing the permanent collections would take you an hour each to explore. The temporary exhibitions, gardens and palace stables can be covered in the remaining time.

Belvedere Palace Tips

2. Get an audio tour

Download the Smartify app from the App Store free of cost. With the app, you can scan the image of any of the paintings and get acquainted with its history, without the need for a tour guide. The app is available in multiple languages. You could also scan existing pictures from the comfort of your home after your trip to revisit the history if required.

Belvedere Palace Tips - Cafe Menagerie

3. Snack at Cafe Menagerie

Head to this small cafe located within the Upper Belvedere to grab a bite and refuel between your museum browsing. Indulge in the variety of cakes available at the shop, and try to squeeze in a tea/ coffee break as well. Along with the great food, you will also be able to enjoy unmatched views of the Palace.

Belvedere Palace Tips

4. Buy a souvenir at the gift shops

The Belvedere has a well-stocked gift shop where you can pick up items such as jewelry, clothes, books, art collections, stationary, home decor and more. The items are also available for online purchase on the Belvedere website. 

Belvedere Palace Tips

5. Don’t miss the Christmas Market

If you happen to be around during the end-of-year holiday season, don’t forget to catch the Christmas markets. Enjoy traditional handicrafts, apparel, and Christmas food, and revel in the festive spirit, with the carols in the background.

Belvedere Palace Tips

6. Visit the Orangery and Palace Gardens

Part of the Lower Belvedere exhibition area, the Orangery was built in the 18th century and is the venue for temporary exhibitions. The Palace Gardens are immaculate and connect the Lower and Upper Belvedere. It is also characterized by its fountains, sculptures and art.

Belvedere Palace Tips

7. Book tickets in advance

Being one of the most visited museums in Austria, the Belvedere tends to get crowded in the holiday season, as well as during weekends and vacations. It is always a good idea to book your tickets online in advance.

Belvedere Palace Tips
Belvedere Palace Tips
Belvedere Palace Tips

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Frequently asked questions about Belvedere Palace tips and hacks

When should I visit Belvedere Palace?

The Palace is open year-round, and gets crowded during the holiday season. Try visiting early in the day, or post 3 pm to avoid the crowds.

What are some helpful tips I should know before visiting Belvedere Palace?

The Palace tends to get busy during the holiday season, so it’s always advisable to book your tickets in advance.

How can I visit Belvedere Palace on a budget?

The Palace has great combo tickets such as 3-in-1 passes, 2-in-1 passes, annual tickets, discounted tickets for students, and more, allowing you to save on your ticket prices.

Is there anything I should avoid carrying with me when I visit Belvedere Palace?

Bulky items such as umbrellas, cloaks, and backpacks are not allowed inside the museum and are required to be stored in the free locker facility.

Is there a dresscode at Belvedere Palace?

The Palace does not enforce a dress code, however, it is recommended to avoid inappropriate clothing.

What facilities are present at Belvedere Palace?

The Palace provides locker facilities, sensory-friendly resources for disabled people, audio guides, and wheelchairs on site.

Are there any restaurants at Belvedere Palace?

Yes, you can visit the Menagerie Cafe at the Upper Belvedere zone of the Palace, Schlosscafé, the Parkcafé or the Lucy Bar for a quick bite.

Can I shop at Belvedere Palace?

Yes, the Palace has a gift shop that sells artifacts, textiles, books, porcelain art and more, making for great gifting options.

What are some must-see highlights at Belvedere Palace?

Apart from the spectacular art, do make sure to swing by the Palace Stables, the Palace Gardens, and the Blickle Kino - for an authentic 1950’s cinematic experience.

Is there a restroom at Belvedere Palace?

Yes, there are restrooms at the Palace, and they are also wheelchair friendly.

Should I go on a guided tour of Belvedere Palace?

A guided tour is recommended if you’re interested in learning about the history of the Palace and the artwork installed. Audio guides are also available.

What other landmarks can I see around Belvedere Palace?

You could visit the famous Alpengarten, Historic Centre of Vienna, or the Pfarre St. Elizabeth after your trip to the Palace.

Do I need ID proof to enter Belvedere Palace?

ID Proof is not mandatory if you have purchased full-price tickets.

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