Visting the Grand Christmas Market at Belvedere Palace


Want to experience the Christmas of your dreams? The Belvedere Palace Christmas Market is your place to be! Dazzling with charm and elegance, the market will leave you with an enduring experience. The regal palace with its grandeur forms the perfect backdrop to relish a glass of mull wine and munch on scrumptious Viennese delicacies. 

The market is very divergent from the usual ones you find in the city. It’s more quiet and adorned with perfect Christmas presents, artistic decorations, and handicrafts to shop your heart out. The angelic lights, sweet-sounding carols and whiff of festivities will transport you into dreamland. 

Here’s everything you need to know about celebrating Christmas at the Belvedere Palace Market.

Is Belvedere Palace open during Christmas?

Belvedere Palace Christmas Market

Highlights of Belvedere Palace Christmas market

Belvedere Palace Christmas Market

Give a feast to your taste buds

The market offers a wide assortment of cuisines to pamper your taste buds. Aside from the traditional Christmas candy for your sweet tooth, you can try Glühwein, popularly known as mulled wine. It is a go-to drink to warm up your Christmas nights and spread cheer. However, if you are not big on wine, you can always find happiness in a warm cup of hot chocolate. 

The market has traditional Austrian and Alpine delicacies to offer. You could try Kaiserschmarrn, a fluffy and sweet pancake dipped in plum jam, named after emperor Franz Joseph I or a fancy variety of meatloaf called Leberkäse. The most popular variety of Leberkäse is made from a combination of pork, bacon, and beef. While it might seem heavy in fats, it is truly a feast for your taste buds.

Belvedere Palace Christmas Market

Enjoy a little Christmas shopping

From souvenirs for your loved ones to Christmas decorations for the tree at home, and traditionally crafted products, there are more than forty stalls at the market which has something for everyone. If you are a hoarder of aesthetic jewelry, you can find charming pieces made from silver and amber. You will also discover tingling scented woods, jolly hats, and wooden toys to take back with you. 

After you have shopped your heart out, it is only fitting to call it a night with a ride on the reindeer train (not the one with a real reindeer, but they come close). There are small carousels for children as well. If shopping is something which doesn’t excite you, you can still take a stroll through the gleaming lanes of the well-lit market and enjoy melodic Christmas carols in the background.

Belvedere Palace Christmas Market

Tips to visit Belvedere Palace on Christmas

  • Vienna can get extremely chilly during winter so plan your outfits accordingly. 
  • Carry warm coats/jackets and scarves while visiting the Christmas market. 
  • As you’ll have to walk around and explore the Christmas market, it is advisable to wear comfortable footwear. 
  • Although an increasing number of stores accept bank payments, it is a good idea to keep a couple of euros handy to seamlessly purchase your Christmas souvenirs. 
  • Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year so be ready to expect a bustling market but Belvedere is relatively calm compared to other Christmas markets.  
  • Ensure you have packed a universal travel adapter for your trip. 
  • English is spoken almost everywhere but you can pick up a couple of German phrases to help you get by.

Frequently asked questions about Belvedere Palace Christmas market

How is Christmas at Belvedere Palace?

Christmas at Belvedere Palace is an amazing and exquisite experience. The palatial backdrop adds glitz and glamour to the adorable market. You can enjoy a host of little activities, beautiful lights, and the chilly weather at night.

What's special about the Belvedere Palace Christmas Market?

The Belvedere Palace Christmas Market is special for its appetizing cuisine, fine beverages, regal backdrop of the palace, attractive shopping and cheerful atmosphere.

Is Belvedere Palace open in December?

Yes, the Belvedere Palace is open in December.

What are Belvedere Palace Christmas Market timings?

The Belvedere Palace Christmas Marketing timings are 11 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Friday and 10 AM to 9 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Is there a dress code for Belvedere Palace during Christmas?

There is no strict dress code for Belvedere Palace during Christmas. However, it is advisable to dress appropriately.

What can I see at Belvedere Palace Christmas Market?

You can see a host of things at Belvedere Palace Christmas Market such as handicrafts, Christmas decorations, candy and delectable cuisines. The warm and welcoming Christmas lights are a sight for sore eyes.

Is it worth visiting Belvedere Palace Christmas Market?

Visiting the Belvedere Palace Christmas Market is highly worth it as you’ll witness a traditional Christmas and get to try new cuisines and drinks.

What events take place at Belvedere Palace Christmas Market?

The Belvedere Palace Christmas Market has plenty of eventful experiences for you to try such as enjoying a live band, trying out varieties of beverages such as Glühwein and Schnapps to keep yourself warm, and taking a ride on the reindeer train.